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Latest Bathmate news:

[new] 01/02 Added new 2015 coupon page.

12/20 New Bathmate discount code added to the coupon page.

12/18 New Xtreme coupon code added to the coupon code page.

11/25 Retailers are reporting that the Bathmate Hydromax x30 Xtreme is their hottest selling hydro pump for 2014.

11/01 Bathmate now sells a rugged, high quality lineup of cockring called the spartan. We've tried it and for under $10 it's the best out there right now.

10/25 Bathmate is attempting to get it's products approved for Medicaid/Medicare.

10/17 Hydro therapy for men with erectile dysfunction has shown to have very positive results with the encouragement of blood flow to that region of the body.

09/28 Owners of the Hydromax x30 and x40 can often fix their valve woes by leaving the valve in the unlocked position when not in use.

09/13 Beware of Bathmate pumps made in Pakistan, China, Brazil, Mexico and Taiwan as they are not the genuine article.

09/05 We're hearing that copycat Penomet hydropump is inferior to the Hydromax x30 in terms quality and results.

08/20 Bathmate confirms that the hydrompumps and power rings are made of high-quality medical grade components that are skin safe.

07/29 Bathmate Xtreme hydro pump lineup debuts making it the ultimate one-time purchase hydro pump kit.